Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Just Books Collective and Organise! will host the first Belfast anarchist bookfair from the 31st to 1st September in Belfast Unemploymed Resource Centre 45/47 Donegall Street, Belfast. The bookfair has something for everyone interested in working class struggles and finding out about anarchism. From books on labour and Irish history, struggles across the globe, radical thinkers, anarchist, socialist and feminist books and pamphlets, t-shirts, badges and much more. There will also be meetings on the history of anarchism in Belfast, workplace organising, international workers struggles, resisting the water charges, Justice for Dockers, and the struggle for women's right to choose both north and south.

Sean Matthews states: "Despite the public spin of a 'new era' in the north our communities are being torn apart by property developers and ongoing sectarianism, meanwhile we are expected to bend over backwards for the bosses who are getting rich off everyone else's backs.
The bookfair seeks to highlight that working class people can and are fighting back against capitalist exploitation independent of politicians. The bookfair also seeks to promote a vision of a new society based on working class people running their own communities and workplaces for our benefit."



Malcolm X said...

difficult to contact you guys about book fair. I have sent 2 emails with mobile number

Malcolm X said...

bookfair. I tried your mobile which you posted doesn't answer
then I tried your email address which doesnt work.
which auidence are you trying to reach. are you just talking to yourselves.

the political class analysis hasn't gone away. one has only to look at the elections in Dublin May 2007.
the role of FF minister, Brian Cowan. secret meeting with Tony O Reilly Irish indo. to recover from the questions which certain journalists were asking the guru Ahern, about his financial crisis.

then we look at the election debate between Gerry Adams, Mc Dowell. in which Mc Dowell tells Adams. that he doesn't earn the industrial wage. mc Dowell, then tells Adams. that SF accused him of been a racist during the racist referendum campaign in 2004. SF had posters accusing mc Dowell outside his constituency office. Adams response was that Michael wasn't a racist.
a candidate in Dublin who preaches about class politics. who stood with people, who were opposed to affordable social housing. those who shout about class politics dropped class during the elections.
how the right-wing danced when Higgins lost his seat.

then we had a campaign against the Roma people. at the round-about in Dublin. involved in this foul-mouthed campaign was a well funded charity spokes person,Georghe. from smiles charity foundation in Romania. which get funded 1 million in sterling a year. his real indentity is Kevin. where was the Irish socialist left. silent nowhere.

yet we had people been interviewed in Irish Times at g8 summit in Germany. another shown on RTE dressed in black. I mread one article describing a person who was in a German cell. I thought I was reading a journal of a IRA volunteer on active service on the run.

anti racist political activity is not sexy. it is a reality for many people. where were the left in the campaign to stop the deportation of Nigerian family. living in Ireland. with their son with autism. Rosanna Flynn gave a brilliant interview about this government on FM 106.

senate elections. Bertie lads looked after. Ivor callery, who was sacked from a minister post. for having his house decorated while he was a minister, free of charge. Corrigan, ex partner of Bertie friend, Joe Burke. who gave him 16,000. ble shirt Sunday Indo, Eoghan Harris. Deirdre De Burca. Green Party. who was friendly with SWP, speaking against war on terror. privateisation.
media divine interventions. blessed Paul Williams. Sunday world, John Mooney, Sunday times. Mick Caffery, Sunday Trib. writing articles accuding SF elected councillors of been connected to drug barons in Dublin.

Malcolm X said...

mobile contact 00353 0862260262.
do we need to book our own b/b for bookfair. can you confirn proper dates please.

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